We can sell you a temporary mod menu by giving you co-host for only 30 minutes per $10.00. The menu we use will be the newst version of Jiggy Menu! With the menu you can do loads of awesome things, you just can't give yourself master prestige, unlock all etc. through the menu.

You can pay me with PSN cards, Amazon Cards, And PayPal Money. if you have any questions feel free to contact me. Please Click Here.

Welcome To OMGitsCODking's Mod Shop!

I host cash drop lobbies and we do recoveries for GTA V Online. The cash drop lobbies are a timed system and you can buy time in one of these lobbies. Or you can cut out the waiting time and get any amount of money as well as modded cars and rank modifications by purchasing a recovery service.

Payment methods

I specialize in Mw3. we use the best software there is for my recoveries and lobbies to make them the best as they can get. You'll enjoy your modded account and also being in my modded lobbies!

Modern warfare 3

Grand theft auto 5

If you would like to purchase mods read this. In order to pay me for your mods you want this is what you need to do. Click on services. Then pick the game you want mods for. Then click buy now on which mod package you want. And the rest of the details will be on the screen.

How to pay for mods

Extra Ban Protection

For $5.00 Extra I will reduce the liklihood of your account getting banned. This is for all Games and PSN. This also comes with ONE free account redo that allows us to redo your account if something gets messed up or you get reset! Which means I will mod another account for free if something gets messed up.

Black ops 2